Heliana B.
We might have found our favorite ramen place close to us. We go around Winter Park area trying to find the best ramen. We had failed trying to find the real flavor until we found this little, cute ramen spot! My husband has been to Japan and had the best ramen ever, have had in in San Francisco and NY. We have been to the most over rated ramen and Japanese restaurant in Winter Park and Orlando area, however this new ramen spot is a gem! We had the chicken Karaage and the Gyoza and we were on awe because it was delicious but did not wanted to have our expectations super high for the ramen. Let me tell you all, The tonkotsu is a must, thick broth, noodles were on point, the Pork Chashu was so flavorful that I enjoyed every spoon! We will certainly go back! The only feedback I could give is to bring sharing plates, other than that food was delicious, fresh and well prepared!
Nicole M.
After reading the raving reviews of the Tonkotsu, I had to try it for myself. It was creamy, flavorful and exactly what I expected from a good ramen place. The spicy miso was good too! If you like spice, this ramen is for you. The place is small but the service is quick and friendly. Definitely worth checking out!!
Lineker O.
This place fills a Sapporo Ramen hole in Orlando! The staff is great and the are flexible with dine in or take out during this time. The staff has masks on at all times and I was able to keep a safe distance!
Yuriko U.
The best ramen in town. Authentic Japanese ramen. Excellent service. My favorite ramen is the Spicy miso. Love it!!!
Lisa N.
Drove 30 minutes across town since it's the perfect time for a steaming bowl of hot ramen, and wow was I blown away! I'll summarize the review by saying : YOU NEED TO GIVE THIS PLACE A TRY. It's located in a small plaza, with no outdoor seating, only 4 tables and a ramen bar to sit at. Kinda a hole in the wall spot. We were given the menu and there were about 5 ramens to choose from. I honestly liked that the ramen menu was limited because it allows for the chef to really focus on perfecting the flavors, and that's exactly what they did. Me and my boyfriend tried the Spicy Miso ramen and Shoyu ramen. Ramen Takagi was by far the most authentic/traditional ramen I've tasted in Orlando (beats the old Sapporo that closed + Domu imo). The broth for the spicy miso was rich and soo delicious, and I was surprised to say that I really enjoyed it since I'm not a huge fan of miso. The shoyu broth was so clean and well seasoned, you can really taste how much love they put into simmering the broths. The noodles were springy and weren't egg-y like other places. The pork chashu was super tender, and had the right amount of fat. My boyfriend thought the pork chashu slices were on the smaller side, so add more pork if you want (I was fine with the amount). The egg was a perfectly seasoned, soft boiled egg. We also tried the karaage and it was served with togarashi powder. I would suggest maybe having some lemon wedges or a dipping sauce to accompany the chicken, but it was yummy nevertheless. Unfortunately the tonkotsu ramen was unavailable that day but I'll be happy to make the trip back to try it next time :)
Yang H.
Having been to Japan a few times, I have always wanted a local owned Japanese eatery. I spotted this restaurant logo almost a year ago and have been waiting patiently. They just opened this week, we went to try it out. The gyoza presentation is exactly like in Japan, tasted very flavorful and fresh. Shio Ramen broth is light and refreshing. To my surprise, the ramen noodles tasted fresh and the ajitama were cooked to perfection. Highly recommend!
Jean K.
I had Spicy Tonkotsu ramen via takeout. I'd eat in, but with COVID being what it is, I'm glad the take out was still on point. Long story short: This is the closest any spot in Orlando has come to making me truly happy with authentic Japanese ramen. The Tonkotsu has the proper amount of umami. This only happens if you let the soup cook overnight. It is the difference between the ramen flavored soup (as my wife calls it) at your other favorite ramen place and actual ramen. The chashu is well done. It isn't particularly remarkable, but it is properly flavored and sliced. A simple ingredient executed well. The same can be said for the rest of the ingredients. The noodles are well done. I can see the higher buckwheat content in the noodles putting some people who like the eggier noodles of other places off, but to be honest, they are better, and far more authentic to the flavors this dish requires. The Ajitama (marinated egg)... FANTASTIC. The yolk is still partially runny. This is how an ajitama is supposed to be served. Your other favorite ramen places are all overcooking their eggs. The mix of soft cooked, marinated egg white and the runny richness of the yolk combining with the ramen broth is what makes an ajitama good. DO NOT BE AFRAID OF UNCOOKED YOLK. It's all supposed to blend together. Finally, I went on opening day - and the kitchen was still very fast, despite two tables of orders placed immediately in front of me. The staff were super polite. I took a peak behind their counter and the standard accoutraments of a real ramen shop were all there. They are pan frying their gyoza as opposed to using a real gyoza steaming machine, but I have never seen one of those in the US anyways, so I'll give them a pass there. :) I look forward to trying their other ramen, but as far as first impressions go, I am a fan.